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    Headquartered in West Linn, Oregon, Timberline Investment Management, LLC (Timberline) is an independent and fee-only registered
    investment advisory firm with licenses in the states of Oregon and Washington.  Timberline's equity strategy titled Timberline Dividend &
    Growth focuses on multiple objectives of seeking a rich dividend yield, solid long-term total returns, and less volatility than the overall stock
    market.  The track record of Timberline Dividend & Growth was initiated in 2003.  

    As a strategy, Timberline Dividend & Growth seeks the historical qualities of performance strength and return stability of dividend stocks
    (relative to the S&P 500) while adding value with depth of experience and a disciplined investment process.  Timberline believes the
    historical strength of this strategy will persist over time and should be seriously considered in financial plans and objectives.

    Whether interested in total return or current income, please review this site for additional information.   Please contact Timberline for
    assistance that includes customizing an asset allocation plan utilizing Timberline Dividend & Growth.

    Timberline Investment Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor licensed in the states of Oregon and Washington.  Timberline Dividend & Growth strategy (D&G) is an
    all common stock portfolio that is not guaranteed nor FDIC insured.  D&G is not a fund but is an investment management service provided through a separate brokerage/custodian
    account in the name of the investor.  Past performance of D&G and associated dividend stock strategies may not be indicative of future results.  Investment value will change and may
    or may not be worth more than original investment value.  Investors are encouraged to request and review additional information (including Timberline's form ADV II and verified
    performance record) before investing.
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